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Students are engaged in learning

OCSI Connections: At OCSI, we believe that students are full of potential and that they are responsible for their learning. We are glad that… PreK students are understanding the importance of keeping each other safe [...]

Greetings from the PTF

PTF Connections: Greetings from the PTF! It’s is a busy time as the school year draws near to its end. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. The PTF is planning a potluck on Thursday, April [...]

Using service projects to help students grow strong in the Lord

One way we help our students grow strong in the Lord is by involving them in service projects like cleaning up beaches and churches, visiting nursing homes, using the fine arts to share the Gospel, engaging OCSI elementary [...]

We want our students to grow

OCSI Connections: At OCSI, we want students to grow. One way we help students grow is by having students reflect on questions, for example: Why do you think what you think? What does this story teach us about [...]

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