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PTF questionnaires, Korean cooking class, and more!

PTF Connections: Questionnaires: Thank you all for answering our questionnaires for the school in February! We are grateful to receive answers from many parents and guardians! The questionnaire results showed that many parents and guardians are satisfied with [...]

Please continue to pray

Take a 4-minute trip to Okinawa, Japan! See our students doing service projects (3 minutes). Make Okinawa soba (30 seconds). Then relax by watching the ocean waves near OCSI (20 seconds). Please continue to pray for God's work in Japan: Ask God [...]

We want our students to create ideas, products, solutions

At OCSI we want all of our students to create. Sometimes people hear that word create and think that it is only for artists. Or it is only about the real standouts, like Einstein and Thomas Edison. [...]

Check out our character day parade video!

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