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Use LIFE skills to support children

OCSI Connections: Good things happened during first semester at OCSI, including: Students working hard and learning about God's world. Parents supporting their students—thank you! Events like Walkathon, Holiday Market, Christmas Program, Kite Day, Science Fair, [...]

I’m excited about woodshop at OCSI

I'm excited that our student woodworkers are... Learning the basic skills to design and create clocks (middle school). Crafting a variety of projects including a puzzle or sign (high school, Woodshop 1). Applying all basic [...]

Student scientists inquire, create, and communicate

At OCSI, we want students to understand the world, to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to create products and solutions. Sixth through 10th graders demonstrated all of these competencies at the science fair Friday. Projects [...]

Please keep praying for OCSI

Good things are happening at OCSI: Students and parents enjoyed Kite Day (see above photo). In social studies, students are learning about God's world. In math, students are applying the slope-intercept form of a line [...]

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